Cyber Security Funding - The #1 Source For Cyber Security Business Funding

The #1 Source For Cyber Security Business Funding


We specialize in cyber security funding. As the world puts more data up on the web and as we get more devices that connect to the Internet, cyber criminals will have even more incentive to perform their nefarious acts. Organizations and brands around the world are investing more time, money and resources into cyber coverage than ever before to make sure they are protected from not only future attacks but also liabilities as well. These services have a large cost attached to it and sometimes becomes difficult to cover.Get the money you need to stay ahead of the curve and continue to protect your clients from hackers. Let us get you funded.

Time In Business

1+ Years

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Loan Structure & Rates

These are all fixed cost loans. They are automated fixed daily and/or weekly payments 3 month to 15 month terms.

Our best term loans are stretched out 8-15 months (weekly payments 8%-16%) however; they require a high credit score and up-trending business banks statements.

Our merchant cash advances are shorter term 3-8 months with less stringent requirements (automated daily payments 16%-36%) but, early payment discounts are also availble on request.

Application Process

Simply fill out a 1 page application which can be downloaded in PDF format by Clicking Here or it can be filled out easily online by going to

Remember to include or attach your last 4 months of business bank statements. If requesting $75,000 or more we will need to review the most recent tax return, P&L's, and A/R aging report. Within 24 hours our underwriters will make a decision.

If the file doesn't meet our requirements we present the deal to other institutional lenders and let them undercut each other for an opportunity to syndicate with us. Once the best offer has been discovered we will present it to you and send out the contract.

After signing the contract you will need to provide a copy of voided check, drivers license/ ID, landlord verification, brief interview and bank verification process (to prevent fraud).

Benefits To You

This allows you to expand your business adding an additional revenue stream.

This kind of service can help strengthen your business relationship with your clients.

Lastly, with easier access to capital you build a competitive edge that other business owners may not have.

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